My new paddy!

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  1. Vivi1205 and daisyrockyrosie - I believe it is an 06. I double checked with Qwerty234 and Lescoy so I think they are petty reputable sources! It is very smooshy.

    Vivi1205 - no I haven't taken her out!!! I keep taking her out of her dust bag and looking at her. Thats enough for me :rolleyes: I want to condition and waterproof her first, plus I also feel like I should pay off my credit card first - end of Feb. Go figure the psychology in that one!!! I think a little buyers remorse - well only because of my husband - otherwise I'd be doing backflips!!!

    DRR - yeah I am SO glad I didn't get a mini spy now! I still like it but I think it is a bit overpriced. If someone was giving one away, I'd take it. Just because I am a nice person........:smartass: