My new paddy!

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  1. Gorgeous Paddy :yahoo:!!! Congrats :tup:!!!!
    One of the best Chloe colours...
  2. im not a edith girl!!!
    i cant see the attraction at all!
    having said that i saw a nice gold hobo edith that was nice!
  3. im not a edith girl!!!
    i cant see the attraction at all!
    having said that i saw a nice gold hobo edith that was nice!
  4. Lovely paddy, congrats!!:heart:
  5. congrats she looks lovely and really suits you.. colour is just gorgeous.
  6. great bag! congrats!
  7. Ooooh...I purchased a Moka Paddy yesterday :sweatdrop:...sight unseen also. She's coming next week. I'm soooo nervous! As long as she's authentic...I know it will be :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:!!! I hope I'll be as IN LOVE as you are with your muscade!!

  8. Guaranteed you will love her! :yes: It's sometimes difficult to find the right paddy, but when you do - it's totally worth the wait. I'm sure woody agrees! :yes:
  9. It sounds corny - well supa corny but I just knew mine was the real deal as soon as I saw it. You could just tell. She was perfect :throwup:
  10. Congrats Woody! I'll be on the lookout for her!
  11. Very nice... You are making me miss mine!
  12. Congrats :yahoo:!!!!
    You will love it!
  13. great colour! i think muscade is even better that the 05 tan!
    congrats...and do take it out! it deserves to be shown off...enjoy your new bag:flowers:
    btw, the edith reminds me a bit of my old book bag when i was in primary school. i would love to get one! (a real one this time)
  14. Hey Woody...what year is your new baby? My moka is coming next week and she is 07. I understand that the 05 and 06 leather is softer and more smooshy, while the later years, a little stiffer...but can get softer with use. Just wondering :P. I can't wait! Are you taking yours out like EVERYDAY?!

    Thanks Scarcici and qwerty234-- I'm stoked :yahoo:! And a little nervous :sweatdrop:! Less than a week now...
  15. Woody would be interested to know what year your paddy is? It is beautiful... I'm glad you got a paddington, it has a bit more personality to it than the baby spy does (zippered version) that you were considering and paddington leather is more durable and less likely to show long term wear...

    Although, the baby spy is very lightweight... may be worth revisiting in the future.