My new paddy!

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  1. Here is my muscade paddy:yahoo: Now I know why people have 12 paddys at one time! When you buy one you are hooked. It is such great quality.

    I want to give a big thanks to Qwerty234 for answering a million questions (my new BF since I realised she is also from brisvegas) and Brigitte for authenticating.

    Only bad thing is I had the chance to take her out for a spin today and I couldn't do it to her. Couldn't take her out into the big, wide, grubby world. It might become a museum piece.....:roflmfao:
  2. Oh my. Gorgeous paddy...:love:. I can't wait to own my first paddy... Congrats on your new lovely :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:!!
  3. looks great!
  4. Congrats on your fabulous Paddy.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. She is stunning Woody! :yahoo:She looks great on you!

    I'm glad I could help answer your questions too honey, if you need anything, PM me :heart:

    I understand you not taking her out today - Brisvegas was a little rainy. But such a gorgeous bag, you can't keep her hidden away! Take her out tomorrow instead. I'm sure she will brighten your day wherever you take her. :yes:
  6. Congrats on a fabulous paddy, Muscade is one of the best colours for the paddy!

  7. And the Edith!

    Muscade day it will be mine! :nuts:
  8. Thank you all for your comments - it all extends the enjoyment of my purchase:dothewave:.- yippee!

    Vivi1205 - make sure you get a paddy. You won't be disappointed. I swear mine is even more beautiful in real life. I was totally relieved when it arrived having bought it sight unseen.

    Qwerty234 - what's the buzz with the Edith? Is it collectable/vintage/cool/classic?? I thought it looked a bit mumsy :whiteflag:
  9. Ediths are hot... nowhere near mumsy... and muscade is the best color for anything...

    Love the paddington, please do not keep it confined to the house though - it would be such a waste!

    And still awaiting your spy news... still looking?/waiting? or was paddington a substitute?
  10. Mumsy - what a lovely word - I don´t know it - does it mean for mummys? Anyway I :heart: this word - and imo Ediths are cute :smile:
  11. I forgot - Congrats to your paddy :yahoo: it´s gorgeous :heart: the color :smile:
  12. Phhheeeww lucky I got the muscade colour right since I am a bit off with my judgment of the Edith! She has a few fans out there I see :sweatdrop:

    Diasyrockyrosie - yep I think I am over the mini spy thing. Cured! I am in lurrrrvveee with my paddy. It is gorgeous! I don't know what happened. I just fell out of love - and I maxxed out my credit card - yeah that helped! Also, I feel it is a bit overpiced for what it is, and the handheld thing probably wasn't going to work really well for me with 2 young kids. I think the quality of my paddy just blew me away.

    I will try and take her out for a spin tomorrow but I feel like I should fuss with water proofing and conditioning before I take her out. I need to build up my courage:boxing:

    Shivadiva - yes you guessed right about the meaning of 'mumsy'. I am glad I gave you some good Aussie slang english to add to your vocab:supacool: Thank you for your post - the muscade is really a lovely colour - I know of course I am going to say that but it really is!!
  13. Yes, the Edith definitely wins cool points with my mum :nuts: it's her fave Chloe of mine.:P But I think it's an amazing bag too, not mumsy to me! Depends on how you wear it I guess. I thought at first I didn't like the style, but it grew on me, I got one, and I think it's a great style. Paddies are still my fave though.

    Check out the attached pic too: drool worthy edith!

    I just need to find Edith in muscade now :graucho: I just need something in muscade! If you don't take your paddy out I might be tempted to "rescue" it and take it for a spin! :roflmfao:

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  14. :woohoo:Congratz! That is a lovely color. I recently got my first paddy and I felt the same way you do. Can't wait to get another color. After seeing how good the Muscade looks on you, I think it might be my next color.
  15. Congrats, She is a beauty!:graucho: