My new paddy with small lock!

  1. Got this in the mail this morning :nuts::yahoo:


    She is so vibrant and not heavy because the lock is so small :tup:
  2. She's so pretty! I'm actually liking this style the more I see it. Congrats!! and pls post pix modelling it..
  3. very cute!
  4. Thanks! I'd post modeling pics but I'm a bit camera shy :roflmfao:
  5. Congrats! Very cute!
  6. Very cute! Congrats!!
  7. ooohhh. now i want one....
  8. Congrats to ya!Whats the name of the color? Its very very pretty.
  9. It looks so pretty, the little lock is a great touch!
  10. this is so pretty!!! congrats

    may I ask how much is it? and its dimension
    sorry, i am not familiar with Chloe
  11. HOT HOT HOT! Love it! Congratulations!
  12. Adorable! Lucky girl!
  13. Oooooo gorgeous - congrats
  14. Congrats. Beautiful.