My new paddy is here!!

  1. The fed ex guy just left and I tore open the box (okay not really as I did not want to hurt the contents). :yahoo: I had ordered the Spring 07 "loaf" paddy from the NY store last week and it is here!!! I was very concerned after reading the posts the past few days about the 07 paddys :sad: and the declining quality. This is my first paddy so I have nothing to compare it to but I think I love it. I really wanted a grey color (gallett or mousse) but wanted the boxier style. The leather is soft and there are no discolorations, marks, etc. This is the gallett color. I think that it is probably a little more structured that the 05 or 06 paddy but it is not totally rigid (which I was very afraid of). I have been on pins and needles not knowing what I was going to get (because I did order it sight unseen). And you only have 7 days to return it for a store credit. So I either love it or am going to pick something else out! And now I have been trying to figure out for an hour to post pictures and I can't figure it out!! All of the files are too large!!:sad:
  2. I use photobucket for my pics - its free to upload there and then all you do is copy and paste the links in here so we can see it

    Good luck
  3. congrats! cant wait to see your pix
  4. Crouner it works! Yay!!

    Congrats on your fab new bag - it's gorgeous. Such a versatile colour that will go with everything - you must be pleased
  5. That is gorgeous. I love the colour. Enjoy! xx
  6. Congrats! What colour is gallett to be exact? Off white? It's lovely! Love the boxier style!
  7. Congrats:yahoo:
  8. When I was researching colors, LVR listed gallett as light gray. I looked in my french/ english dictionary and it is translated as pebble. Maybe someone has a better translation? I called both Chloe boutiques inquiring about the color as well. The SA's in the boutiques described it as a beige gray or taupish. It definitely has more color than off white - maybe the pictures aren't doing it justice! I fell in love with the color and hunted this one down. This is the same bag that is on NAP as the double zip paddington but I think it looks a ton better in IRL.
  9. Thanks for the tip secret. Glad it worked!!

    :nuts: I am just soooooo excited!! I can't stop looking at it!!!!
  10. It's very pretty and I love the color. I had recently been admiring the gallet color, and i love the way the silver hardware compliments it. Congrats on a fab bag. I'd keep her!
  11. Love it!!
  12. Congrats crouner - welcome to the paddy lovers's club!;)
    The colour reminds me of putty - it looks very versatile!:heart:
  13. congrats on your lovley paddy, and the colour does indeed look wonderful and so versatile
  14. Definitely see the light greyish tinge. It's gorgeous! A very veratile colour that you could wear with a lot of outfits! Congrats again! :yes: