My new Paddy has a faded spot on the handle...

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  1. I just saw the post from Bijin regarding the stain on the handle of her Paddy from LVR. I received my Choco Paddy from LVR today, and I also have a mark (it's a light colored mark) that looks like the paint came off. It's very tiny so maybe I should just live with it. But it bothers me. (I don't have a digi cam to post pic.) It's not in the same place as Bijin's handle, but it's further down the handle (half-way down) the side of the handle. It kind of looks like someone scratched it with their fingernail. So disappointing to have to ask LVR to exchange it. I just sent them an email. I hope they will be able to! I just hate to send it all the way back to Italy....but want a perfect bag! :cry: SIGH...
  2. What's going on with LVR? If you're not 100% satisfied then you should exchange it. You deserve a perfect bag. You paid a lot of money for it.
  3. I know what you mean. I can be very anal about things like that too. Then I snap out of it and say to myself every bag has some type of imperfection. Heck, it could be a lot worst or I simply don't look at it as a flaw but as beauty mark---like Cindy Crawford's mole.

    Like my boss would say: Don't sweat the small stuff.
  4. please complain to them about it. they really need to do something with quality control. :sick: haven't heard from them yet. maybe i should just ask for discount and have the stain removed at a leather repair shop. i'd hate to wait again.:wacko: that will drive me nuts!
    can you post pics of your bag?
  5. Any pic??
  6. Two defective bags from LVR? OK, you guys got me nervous. I'm waiting on a Whiskey from them...please forgive me for even thinking this, but do you guys think LVR sells defective stuff, and that's why you're able to get it cheaper from them???

    Has anyone else had any problems with them???
  7. Agreed. That's a lot of money to pay for a bag, and it should arrive in perfect condition. This is strange :blink:
  8. I'm waiting for a Taupe Paddy from them. Am a little worried too dee-dee. :sad:
  9. I don't think that it is particular LVR. My paddy is 2 weeks old and from NAP and the colour chipps off where the handles are attached to the brass hardware and whre they are coated (the thicker things on the handles) they have light cracks in the coating not so you can see the laether under it but more like wrinkles. I actually think that paddies aren't the best quality bags.
  10. I'll see what LVR says in their response. I don't think they would deliberately sell defective products. There are some here that have received perfect bags from what I have read, so I wouldn't stress out too much about your pre-orders. I'm going to ask a leather specialist if this spot is something that will not get worse over the long run. That is my main concern. The bag is perfect other than this tiny spot. I will try to post a pic tonight or tomorrow. I just hate to send the bag all the way back but as some have said, for that kind of money it should be perfect. Maybe this is just part of owining genuine leather products. :blink:
  11. I think the best explanation I heard as to recent quality issues was that due to the popularity of the Chloe bags they are being made at different manufacturing facilities, you run the risk of having a batch of bags that do not meet the same stringent control measures as another batch of bags, in a way it is the cost of increased demand and the company's desire to meet that demand.
  12. Dee-dee - i'm another one who just got a choco from LVR that has a scratch on the handle. See the thread I just started. It's very minor but still irritating - specially for the price. I really hope yours is flawless. Maybe Bijin, Annabelle's and mine are just flukes... i really don't know. But honestly, i'm starting to doubt LVR myself.:sad:
  13. I really don't think it's LVR, because as Loganz mentioned earlier, it could be the manufacuring facility trying to meet high demand. As I mentioned in Tod's thread, the mark on my bag is very minor so I am keeping it. I scrutinized the rest of my Paddy and everything else is just perfect. It's just too much hassle, too costly, and too timely to send back for such a tiny mark.
  14. you should still let LVR know about the imperfection so they can do something about their quality control in general. hopefully if a lot of us complain they will get their act together. if you plan to keep the bag they should at least give you a discount since it's imperfect.
    i read what you wrote about the leather guy you visited. he's a guy! they have no clue. my husband thinks i'm making a big deal out of a stain that he says he hardly notices!:wacko:
  15. Yes, I sent them an email 2 days ago. Have not heard anything yet. Now that you mention it, we all should at least get a discount...:blink: