My new Paddy escapee, unlocked and at large!

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  1. My Paddington Hobo arrived! I got this one for a song as it's sans-lock, which I didn't mind too much as I've heard how heavy they are. Must be ex-display as it has a couple of wee scuffs here and there, but nothing you can even see unless close up. Overall a gorgeous new bag for great price! :okay:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now I'm thinking it's Sable.. any thoughts on this? There's a very definite warm hue to it, I've included pics with the white balanced against some pure white cartridge paper we had laying around, and although the contrast shift blurs the details the colour is true to the bag in bright, clear light. Have included too an unadjusted pic.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Wow Frankie! It looks like you're converted!

    I think this is the 06 Creme (it seems too light to be taupe). Does it have a serial tag inside the inner zippered pocket?
  3. Ooh I'll check the number.
  4. 03-06-53. :flowers:
  5. it is gorgeous... you have a nice Chloe family... enjoy your new bag....
  6. Thanks Maria!

    Any other thoughts on the colour? I've no idea how to read the datecodes... :wondering
  7. Great bag! Good find!
    I agree the locket is heavy, and personally I 'm not so crazy about it...
  8. Here are some potential colour matches from the Post Your White/Cream/etc Chloe thread.. my bag looks so much like Craie, but Craie is an '05 colour isn't it? If Craie wasn't made in '06, then I'm thinking it's '06 Creme as Bellacherie suggested.

    Hey Bella I'm going to Brisbane again in a week, we'll have to meet up and you can colour ID in person! Plus would love to meet another 'PF'er.


  9. From the Paddington Colour Swatches thread..
  10. And LV_Obsessed's '06 Creme.. some of the pics in darker light look almost mustard, but the colour on these is so variable in different lighting it's hard to tell either way. :push: