My new Paddy broke :(

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  1. I have a new Chloe Paddy aubergine metallic and after using it a couple of times the pin on the handle came off. It is a new bag and already broken...
    Did that happen to someone,too?
    I already went back to the shop, but they don't have any more of the aubergine metallic ones and to let it repair it would take ages. (but I like to use the bag now)
    Maybe I try to repair the bag by myself....
  2. oooh, I don't think I would try to repair it myself! You could damage the leather and then even a professional might not be able to make it look right. Can the shop possibly track another bag down from you from another locations? If not I would take the pain of sending it out for proper repair and not having it for a while (and they could maybe reinforce the other handles? that should NOT have happened to you!)
  3. I'm sorry to hear this happened... maybe you should return it and hunt for another aubergine paddy..? But I know it's sad to return a bag you really love, especially when it's discontinued colour..sigh:crybaby:
  4. I have fixed bags myself when studs and pins fall out (assuming I can find the darned stud). As long as it is straightforward. Luckily this hasn't happend to my Paddies, but it has happened to a Dolce & Gabanna and a Prada I had in the past.
  5. Really sorry to hear that. I wouldn't try to repair it myself but I know how you feel. I had a Dior I just had purchased send back for repair and it took 2 months to get it back from Italy.:cursing: If you can I would also return it and try to hunt down another.
  6. So sorry to hear that, depending on where you got it from, I would really try for a full refund and look around for another. Its not good enough after just a couple of wears to break. These bags (even if you managed to get it in the sale) are expensive, and should last.

    Good luck, hope you find one even nicer that is is perfect condition :smile:
  7. Take it back and ask them what they think.

    A repair wouldn't take that long, probably about 2 -3 weeks TOPS. Then you have your wonderful new bag in time for a spring unveiling! Again! :yes:

    I love Chloe (, but I've seen a FEW breaks and workmanship-related tears on almost brand new bags recently, gotta admit it does kinda give me a bad feeling. Hopefully the quality assurance will step up again soon, before it starts becoming a real problem for the brand.

    With such amazing leather and designs, I'd like Chloe to set the example for a premium designer bag! :love:
  8. So sorry to hear that! I would take it back for a refund or let the store send it to be repaired.
    Hope that it all works out!
  9. if u dont want to return it, u can probably request for a credit or have the store fix it for u, i know its a lot of hassle but im sure its worthi it rather than taking it to some shoe repair shop...
  10. I had this happen to a bag I bought from Saks- the handle fell off as I was inspecting it to be sure it was in good shape- I had just brought it home from the store. Saks sent it out locally for repair, and I was assured by Saks that they would use Chloe hardware- BUT they didn't.

    And the repair guy dented another rivet that wasn't even broken. I know I'm picky, but the mismatched hardware ruined the bag for me. I asked for a refund.
  11. OOooh I'm glad I came back. I agree. If they suggest a repair make sure it goes back to CHLOE, not some other vendor. Prada is very good about this with their better leathers.

    If you feel at ALL uncomfortable, get your money back, or store credit it and get another bag.

    For this money, really, good customer service is imperative. A less expensive bag like Coach does this, and they're 1/4 or less of the price! My mother is a serious Coach addict her whole life and you should see the way they treat her and her bags - like Royalty! :queen:

    Kinda burns me though, cause when I complain about stuff like this she looks puzzled... because she knows how much I spend! <<sigh>>
  12. A repair by Chloe will take months, not weeks. It needs to go to New York and then to Paris and then wait in line to be repaired. Then back to New York and back to you.

    I would return it as well and look for another one.
  13. I had the exact same happen to me on a brand new Craie Paddy I got from Harvey Nichols. I took it straight back for a refund :yes:
  14. Ouch, there are just too many stories like this!!
    As a Chloe addict, this really makes me angry!!
    So sorry that that happened to you, I too have an aubergine paddy and agree, I wouldn't be happy if I had to send it to get repaired and not have it for MONTHS??
    I agree with above, consult the shoe repair, some of them can work wonders..
  15. I agree with you. Too many stories such as this one. I think that for the amount of cash these designers demand for their bags, this tarnishes reputation of "superior workmanship" in my eyes. Why should you have to pay hundreds or thousands for a bag only to have it fall apart in your hand. This is the type of stuff I expect to hear from bags purchased at Walmart, not top of the line bags.