my new paddington shopper

  1. i just bought this chloe paddington shopper (my first paddy!) on and it looks totally real and the leather is smooshy and heavy at the same time and totally delicious but after hearing of someone on this board that was sold a fake bag on bluefly i thought i'd better double-check with the resident experts.

    pics are kind of crappy, i can take better ones tomorrow if necessary (it's dark and rainy today and my office has crappy light)
  2. Hi there,
    you will get more answers if you post in the authenticate this thread. Also make sure to take pics underneath the lock and the inside of the handles!
  3. Congrats looks really nice and I love the black on black hardware.

    I had received a fake last year, but it was soooo fake it was REALLY obvious.

    The one you have looks really, but I m not an expert.
    You should post thre pics on the authenticate this thread.

    I do think that Bluefly have cleaned up their act since last year. I have recently purchased a Gucci and it was definitley REAL.
  4. looks good to me, congrats!!
  5. thanks!
    i also posted the pics in the 'authenticate this' thread.
  6. Congrats! Can you post a modeling pics? I was thinking of getting one but I do not know how it looks in IRL. TIA!
  7. Very pretty!Did you get it looked over in the authenticate this thread?
  8. i must be the last person on the planet that doesn't have a digital camera but i will post modelling pics the next time my office mate brings her camera to work.
  9. woah i love the black on black!!!
  10. Looks good to me too, I have this same one that I bought last year at Neiman's, it looks the same from the pics.
  11. Congrats I really like the shopper.
  12. Gorgeous bag- Congrats!
  13. Beautiful bag. I will have to get a metallic Chloe and soon. Congrats!