My new paddies

  1. Hi all, I'm to share the paddies I have bought recently. I got the moccassins to match with my baby argent. Enjoy! :heart:
    DSC00568.JPG DSC00570.JPG DSC00571.JPG
  2. gorgeous!! Congrats!
  3. Ooooooh, beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!:nuts::tup:
  4. They are all gorgoues...congrats!
  5. Both equally stunning - how lucky you are!!
  6. Congrats! I love both bags - especially the Muscade :tup:

    I have the regular Paddy in Muscade and it is just the most perfect brown! soooo versatile!
  7. Wow thats a cute match! Love that muscade!
  8. i'm drooling! both are gorgeous:tup:
  9. Both bags are yummy! Love love!:heart:
  10. Love the bags! And the shoes! Congrats :yes:
  11. Loving everything! Congratulations!!!
  12. So very pretty!
  13. congrats, so beautiful!
  14. Wow-those look yummy!! Congrats!!
  15. thank you so much everyone! :heart: