My New Outlet Purchase

  1. I LOVE this wristlet I just bought at the outlet today! I want to post the picture everywhere! :yahoo: I love the luscious fall red is my favorite! And at $43, I knew it was meant to be. How much do these suede wristlets retail normally? My husband thought I spent too much, but I told him that retail is normally much higher! Did I lie?!?!:shrugs:

  2. ooh, I think aarti had/wanted/returned/wanted to buy back this wristlet! she might know...hoorah for your new wristlet!
  3. Thats nice!
  4. Congrats! Wow I didn't know they had those at the outlets! I'm thinking thats the outlet version of the suede wristlet, because the tag I think says factory? The boutique one I bought was smaller, without the buckle. I wish I never returned it!
  5. It's beautiful! I love that color, and you didn't lie to your husband. I'm pretty sure wristlets like that are normally in the $60+ range. I just bought the legacy striped wristlet, which is all fabric, and it was $58 (which I did think was kind of high, but it was for our anniversary and I decided that my husband would want me to have it to go with the bag "he" bought me) (ok, I bought it and told him that's what he got me!). Congratulations and enjoy it!
  6. You got a deal. Congrats!
  7. GREAT deal and beautiful wristlet
  8. Beautiful fall/winter color. Love it!
  9. Am I the only one who can't see a picture?

    nevermind..see it computer wasn't loading the pic for some reason
  10. Thanks everyone! I love fall colors so I was pretty happy with the wristlet!

    Aarti, I'm sure you can still get it at the outlet if you like! Just call and find out!

    Willowsmom, I LOVE that legacy stripe wristlet! What bag did your husband get you?!?! I am in love with the Ali bag (along with everyone else) and want that with the matching wristlet. *sigh* I dream...I dream!
  11. phuong, I got the legacy shoulder bag in plum suede (there's a thread about it somewhere on the board!).
  12. It is very nice.
  13. Very cute!!
  14. It's very cute.
  15. I love that color. I saw some cute bags in that color too.
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