My new "Outdoor" Chanel

  1. What can I say.... roey made me do it! :lol: Even though I said I'd never fall into the Chanel 'abyss' (Chloe was fine, thank you!) I cruised Chanel at Saks to see examples of roey's recent purchases and found the perfect Chanel for me.... from the Outdoor collection since I'm a low-key crunchy townie. Here's my new baby:

  2. Yay, you posted your beautiful new acquisition! When Blu told me Saks had it in the outdoor brown (a beautiful rustic fall brown), I had to exercise SO MUCH self-restraint because my dark brown Jumbo Classic Flap was en-route!

    What a lovely first addition to your soon to be expanding collection. I know you won't stop at just one Chanel! :graucho: I swear I've been corrupting this girl via PM since my Reporter arrived in May!!
  3. ^^roey you beotch!!! I'll send you the bill!!! :lol: :lol:

    NO, there will only be ONE. Just like potato chips... :devil: :noggin: :busted
  4. :love: :love: :love: Gorgeous, congrats!

  5. There is NEVER only one!!!!:shrugs:
    Congrats, it's a beautiful bag.
  6. I love the distressed black... its is so nice!!
  7. Thank you roey - you dawg! - GTOfan, Rose and japskivt. Yes, I love the distressed black - almost charcoal-y. I was dying for the brown in the same line but don't really need that color so I felt the black would be a perfect - if only - Chanel for my bag collection. But of course now I've got a hankering for more....eek! This is evil!!
  8. that is really beautiful! Is that the flap bag from the diamond stitch collection?
  9. Thank you! We deduced it's from the Outdoor collection - very similar to diamond stitch but only one row of diamond stitching as opposed to double boxed diamonds. It's the same grained calfskin.
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!!!
  11. it is sooo beautiful. i would love to see a picture of you wearing it.

  12. :lol: :lol:

    the jumbo brown classic flap, is it in the caviar? i am dying to see a picture of it.
  13. Very pretty! I wasn't aware of the outdoor collection? Did that launch the same time as the diamond stitch? I absolutely love the leather on those bags! Does anyone have pix of the collection? I'd love to see all the styles that it came in.
  14. mac - I wasn't aware of it either. Leave it to Blugenie to find the one unique bag that has never been posted in this forum!

    If you go to the pics of the Nordstrom PDF files that Edna posted, I believe you'll find other Outdoor style bags in the ACT 1 collection. I emailed Denise at Nordstrom but the flap style was not ordered for their store. She sent me a pic of a hobo style that's available - attached - it's $1725. I *love* this color; it is so rustic. Imagine Blu's flap in this color. :love:
  15. It's so beautidul...that distressed leather has so much character!!

    Do post pics of you wearing it!!