My New OS Alexa

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hi. I'm fairly new to the forum - only posted once before and it was about my Alexa. Like some of the other ladies, I too was nervous about using her at first, but now I love her!!!!!
  2. Hi and Welcome Wales.

    Thanks for showing us piccies of your fab new bag - are you really happy with her now :smile:
  3. Hello .. nice of you to post a pic!! Hope that you are enjoying your new bag :smile:
  4. There have been a few beautiful oak Alexa reveals lately and this is another stunner. Congratulations!!!!!
  5. Congrats on your new bag! x
  6. A fantastic bag to pick as your introduction to the forum no doubt you will be as mulberry mad as the rest of us soon. Welcome to the slippery slope.
  7. Congratulations! A timeless beauty. Enjoy! xx
  8. Well done Wales1972 and welcome to the forum xxx

    I'm glad you love her so much
  9. Ah what a fabulous bag!! I love my Alexa but I do wish I'd got an oak one too!! Hope you get lots of joy from carrying Alexa. And welcome to the forum. Xx
  10. I just ordered the Oak yesterday,but am wondering if I should have gotten the grape. Think it's a great color as well, but think Oak is more classic. But less worry about dirt and color transfer with grape. Thoughts?
  11. Welcome to the forum Wales and congrats on your gorgeous Alexa, hope you enjoy using it :biggrin:
  12. Congrats! Looks wonderful! Welcome to the forum!
  13. congrats ! I am sure you will love that bag as much as I do - all my other bags are in dust bags now since I got OS Oak Alexa. :yahoo:
  14. Oak is more versatile Bronzi. Grape is more serviceable. I had Grape for a few weeks, Gorgeous but nowhere near as easy as an Oak colour to wear. Make sure you build up a really good coat of protector on her.
  15. Congrats on your Alexa and enjoy using it! :biggrin: