My new Order for b bag ~

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which one gona be a must have items?

  1. GSH violet Part time

  2. GSH Steel Part time / or in work size

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. omg ~ it end of the year.
    i gona make my new purchase.
    i 'm looking for something that is easy match
    & can use for daily bag for the whole season.

    GSH - Violet PArt time
    GSh - Steel Part time
    GSh - Steel work :heart:

    if any of u owe any of those
    please load up the picture
  2. i think violet is the must have of this year!
    i'm not a great fan of ghs but looooove that colour
  3. You really can't go wrong with either but I am going to vote for violet~ I am in love with any bag that is purple!!!
  4. I think violet is more of an "it" bag, but I voted for steel GSH because you said you want to wear it everyday. I think you can match the violet for most days but steel is more of an everyday bag (and both are gorgeous). Good luck with your decision!
  5. :heart: Violet
    I love violet, but if you want an everyday bag... choose steel!!!!

    Good Luck~ ;)
  6. Get the violet, more rare and special. It's such a beautiful color, it has such depth and richness to it!
  7. I wish i had found a pt in a violet, but happy with my workbag.
    Good luck on finding one....I voted for the violet, of course....:yahoo:
  8. is purple really that rare , in thailand i saw many of them with gold stud, but for purple i really prefer silver....
    i guess next year it gona be more rare then my anthracite
  9. Here's a picture of my Steel/Plomb GSH Work. I love it and use it almost everyday for work. Hope it helps. But i also love Violet, so i think either is fine.


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  10. unfortunately , i dun find any steel , i only c part time violet
    so maybe i will wait to c whether i can order the steel if not i will jus buy violet . hope is the right decision to sell my anthracite for that.

    i love anthracite but now hard to find in part time.... so i think PT is a suitable size for me. but i guess violet can prove me a better person too!!!