My new orange Perfo Bandeau on my Damier Speedy!

  1. I went to LV yesterday hoping to buy a Mini Pochette in Damier Azur but I didn't like it...:crybaby: So, I decided to get a scarf for my Damier Speedy (I was thinking of buying one for a while now). They had Perfo Bandeaus in orange and fuchsia and even though I LOVED the fuchsia one, I decided to go with orange since the color just popped against Damier canvas.

    The pics are below! Which way do you like the scarf tied more?

    P.S. This Bandeau is SO beautiful, I am thinking of going back and getting a fuchsia one! What do you think???? :nuts:
    perfo1.1.JPG perfo3.1.JPG
  2. It looks great!!! I love the orange with the damier! Enjoy!
  3. It looks really great, I like the second better even though both versions look great!

    P.S. Love the heatstamp!
  4. :heart: it!
  5. Thank you!!!!
  6. I like the second better. The orange look gorgeous,congrats. I would go also back to get the fuchsia one :smile:
  7. #2 - looks excellent and I love how the orange goes so nicely with the monogram canvas!
  8. ooh i really like the way you tied it on your speedy!! I think its a good contrast, well done! congrats!@
  9. It looks great! Congrats!
  10. Congrats, it looks fabulous ! :yes:
  11. That is so cute! Other than the look, it's so functional. You can take it off anytime and put on yourself if it's windy.
  12. looks great....I like the way it's tied in pic #2
  13. I love that scarf!!! Looks great in both pics.
  14. I love it! :love: Looks gorgeous! I have the fuchsia one and it's lovely too. :yes: Yea, I think you should go back and get the fuchsia one too. :graucho:

    I sometimes tie it to my damier speedy too. Though, is it actually "right" to match mono with damier? :shrugs: :sweatdrop: Well, just wanna know some opinions on this though I would still tie it whenever I like. :shame: :P Just wondering if it's actually an LV no-no... :s
  15. Love it! 2nd pic looks the best to me.