My new on-sale bags arrived! Pictures...

  1. Yipppeee!!! :yahoo: The bags I got on sale finally arrived!!! Here are pictures:

    Python Silverado in muscade:

    Ava in antilope:

    Paddy Wallet in muscade:
  2. congrats! everything is TDF!! where'd u get them?
  3. :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!! They are gorgeous!!!!
  4. Georgeous bags! Enjoy!
  5. Gorgeous!!! :wtf: I really love that AVA! :tup: Congrats on such great finds!
  6. OH MY!!! That is some Chloe haul you have there. No words go better together than Chloe and On Sale in my opinion :biggrin: ;)

    I love them all, but I adore the Ava. I would love one on sale too

    Congrats, you did really well, you must be estatic
  7. Great bags and wallet - you scored!
  8. NICE bag! :yahoo: Good Job!!! They are sooo hot!
  9. Congrats, I just adore the AVA, yummy!
  10. wow pamella you scored big time:tup: Congrats everything is gorgeous!!!
  11. Thanks, Girls!!! I got them from Nordies in MOA. I got two more that aren't pictures, but I'm sending those back. A Chloe Ava in Moka & a Tan Pocket Paddy that is missing the key.

  12. Congrats!All of these bags are gorgeous and getting them on sale is all the better ;):smile:.
  13. Nice! hope you enjoy them!!:tup:
  14. COngRats!! Love love the python... and the Ava is so adorable!! :nuts:
  15. Congratulations on snagging your beauties. Love the color on that Ava, it looks so yummy.