My new olive/teak medium downtown

  1. I just got this downtown in olive - 40% off at Nordstrom
    also shown is my balenciaga in olive
    do I have sale eyes? is it just crazy to have 2 bags so close to the same color. I love this color, are they are 2 entirely different bags, but is it worth spending the extra and getting a downtown in another color?
  2. What do you mean you got it at Nordstrom? I looked all over their website and it looks like they don't even carry YSL. Is it in store only and do I need to get over there? I'd love to have this color!
  3. ^^^You should call several Nordstrom stores to see if they can locate one for you! I'm so tempted, but I should stop for now!

  4. Nordstrom Denver (Cherry Creek) has the large in Cypress 40% off - so it's $1079
    great deal! 720-746-2424
  5. Congratulations! :woohoo: Your downtown is gorgeous!

    And your Balenciaga in Olive is breathtaking! :drool:

    It made me visit the Balenciaga forum to learn more about these beauties!
  6. Both are gorgeous. Nothing wrong with having several bags in the same there? :graucho:
  7. Are you kidding?? They are both such beautiful bags - keep them both!!!
  8. I like both but there are more downtowns on sale in the boutiques at 30% off if you want diversity. I personally love the purple!
  9. Hey everyone, I returned this bag and got the black today, so if anyone is interested, it's back at Nordstrom.
  10. hey everyone -

    i just got the same one - (cypress green actually) in a medium from neiman's. it was marked down to $1068 from $1595. i love love love it! i originally had the large one - on sale at nordstrom but found it too big for my petite frame.

    anyway, the key is to call certain stores. i just called neiman's dallas and she was able to check what colors they had across the country. i suggest this route over going into the store itself. since they're all commission-based, they're very competitive with other stores.

  11. Very Nice ....Congratulations
  12. congrats!!! both are gorgeous!!
  13. I think that was a solid decision, there is no way you won't get tons of use out of your black downtown and I personally think the olive B-bag has a little more depth to the color, so that's the one I would have kept in that color family, too. Congrats on both of your new bags!
  14. shazam - thanks - I was needing some reassurance
    any downtown is great - I just make myself spin sometimes!
    I hope another pfer got the return!
  15. I just got this bag in the large size from Nordstrom at 60% off. :yahoo: