My new olive Goldenbleu convertible tote/ handbag

  1. I bought this Goldenbleu beauty on eBay, brand new. I have looked everywhere for it so I can find out the name/ style. Does anyone know? Leather is amazing, color is olive and the decoration is ivory suede, has a nice suede lining,I am really impressed. Love the copper hardware. Anyone know the style name?
    P9260018.JPG P9260021.JPG P9260022.JPG P9260020.JPG P9260019.JPG
  2. It's an interesting bag.
  3. Not sure of the style name, but I do like that bag- I have a Goldenbleu Marilyn from (I think) their first season, and the quality is really nice!
  4. Lovely!
  5. I'm debating if I should keep it or not. Guess it's good for vacations, leave with it short, come back with it full length and stuffed. LOL
  6. i think its adorable! how much did it set ya back?
  7. $99 plus shipping, she said it was originally $385.... I seem to think it would have been more.
  8. sounds like a keeper to me
  9. Gorgeous bag! I like it!
  10. OMG thta clutch! Goodneww I spend so much... I can't, can't, can't. I put it in my Watch items though, maybe no one will take it and it will come back cheaper! YAY. LOL
    My bag is olive though, this says the clutch is brown.