My New Old Turquoise 2004 City!!!!!

  1. My Newly aquired 2004 Turquoise City. :yahoo: Gorgeous to look at, but, I just can't be trusted with a color this light. I will probably just admire it in my closet, but, the leather is the nicest I have seen.:nuts:
    Balenciaga Bags 003.jpg Turquoise 2004 Close up.jpg
  2. That's sooo pretty!!!:love: WHAT!:wtf: ~ you're keeping it to admire in the closet!!! That's no way to treat this beauty!!! Maybe you'll take her out in the spring/summer months!!!!;)
  3. you can't keep this gorgeous thing in the closet! dirt can always be cleaned off - baby wipes actually work great. i spilled wine on one of my older bags, an anis clutch, and i swear to you it came right off! good as new.

    if you're going to let this baby sit in the dark, think about giving her a new home... hint, hint :graucho:
  4. Beautiful!! Truely beautiful...

    And oh, BTW - so is your avatar!! :girlsigh:
  5. I know what you mean about keeping bbags in the closet. I'm so scared to dirty up my vert d'eau first, I haven't taken her out yet. I think once I treat the handles with LMB For Handles Only, maybe I'll feel better about using her! :rolleyes:
  6. What happened to RDJ??? :shrugs: LOL!! Gorgeous bag!!
  7. congratulations! your 04 toourquoise city is beautiful!!:yes:
  8. I'm gonna come borrow it, if you're not going to wear it! She is wonderful.
  9. I suppose he went out for the night with Chris Daughtrey!!! LOL!!
  10. it's so pretty. congrats!
  11. You sound like 2004 Turquoise twiggy has only seen the light of day 2 times since I aquired it.
  12. The leather is gorgeous!!!!
  13. Gorgeous! Congratulations! Don't keep that baby in the closet!
  14. Thanks everyone!!! Maybe when the weather gets warmer I will be brave enough to take her out:sweatdrop:
  15. The leather looks soooooo squishy!

    Veryyyyyy nice...