My new "old" Kooba

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  1. I am very pleased to have won this bag. It's a Kooba Brooklyn from Fall 2005. I had the Tatum ( a smaller version in this color) but it was too small and I had a Chocolate Brooklyn that I sold, so I was very pleased to find this on Ebay in Brand New Condition. It's got the greatest distressed crackly thick leather and is just a lovable bag. This is one of the leathers that gave Kooba their great Reputation.



  2. Such a glorious colour, they don't make Koobas like that anymore..:crybaby:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Lexie! The color is phenomenal and to find one new & unused is remarkable. I have this bag in chocolate and really love it. Great size, great simple styling, comfortable carry...and fab leather. The chocolate leather is almost exact to the leather on the Farrah hobo - same texture and nearly exact same color as the Farrah.

    Enjoy that beauty!! :heart:
  4. i hope they start making their leather like they used to. i'm supremely bummed with everything i'm hearing about the leather lately, and to be honest my leather was sensitive on bonnie as well. i still love her to bits and use the hell out of her, but she has a "disheveled" look to her. :girlsigh: i don't know, my next bag purchase will be in the kooba range or a bit above and at this point unless i can get my hands on some oldschool, i'll be shying away from this one.
  5. Lexie, I love your new but old Kooba. It's an example of what Kooba used to do right. Shame they can't seem to wow us anymore. I still live in hope!!!
  6. This leather's color and texture looks identical to my Jillian's Bourbon leather. Is it comparable or is it the exact same leather?

    Lovely bag!
  7. wow that color is so rich and luscious. gorgeous bag :love:
  8. No, this is so different from the Jillian. The Jillian is stiffer and heavily bebbled with a rough feel. The Brooklyn is totally smooth and can be squished in your hands into a small ball. The rust colro has some blackish tones to it while the Jillian is a brown with more orangish tones. I loved my 2 Jillians but they weren't the correct shape for my stuff. The Brooklyn is a big old Hobo type bag and is pretty large (16" long).
  9. So sad... the differences between then and now are so so obvious.:hrmm:
  10. wow lexie! what an awesome deal!!! the color and texture of the bag are just TDF! congrats!!
  11. Great bag Lexie! I have been trying to find deals on the older styles too-the quality in unbeatable...