My new Okapi PM.

  1. My Okapi PM. I just bought it today and love it. I wanted a pochette that was small and that i could bring out on summer days and here it is.

  2. [​IMG]

    It fits a fair amount of items.


  3. wow congrats. it looks like the perfect little thing to hold the essentials. Thanks for all the pics!
  4. WOW! You sure got a ton in there! Looks great, my friend was eyeing one of these for his digital camera.
  5. very cute!
  6. I have to say, I like the okapi pm a lot better than the wapity. Seems more functional especially with the placement of the zipper. Enjoy it!
  7. so pretty
  8. Very cute...Congrats!
  9. that is too cute. looks very convenient
  10. how cute!! congrats :smile:
  11. Cute--Congratulations
  12. Thats is incredibly classy, chic and adorable! I love it, congrats theglamourous :heart::heart::heart:!
  13. Congrats- she's adorable!
  14. Congrats! She's so cute.
  15. congrats, what a great bag. I think it would be wonderful for traveling.