My New Oh Deer Coffee Pumps

  1. I just ordered these and I think they are so cute! They are surprisingly comfortable, too, especially for this high heel.

  2. those are cute!
  3. Im not an Oh Deer fan at all, but these are cute & funky!
    They look great on you!
  4. These are cute and different:tup:
  5. Those are very cute! You wear them well!
  6. I think they are cute too, I really like the color as well.
  7. adorable!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think it would be better if the brown was the same black patent, it would make the heels pop a little more. However, they are so adorable just as they are! I love the heels. :yes:
  9. Those are cute. Looks like something Fendi would make. For some reason they remind me of a Fendi B-bag.
  10. cute, very interesting heel
  11. I like em!
  12. Oh, love the striped heel...very cute indeed!
  13. Wow! Those are cute. I've never heard of Oh Deer! before. Or, if I did, I thought they made slippers. Anyway, those are really awesome!
  14. Thanks, ladies! I was on the fence about keeping them for a while, but maybe they are keepers.:smile:
  15. I say keep them. :tup: