My new Ocean Nikki~~~Pics!!

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  1. So here is my bday gift from my boyfriend. I really love it. The color is so awesome. It is a little stiffer than I thought it would be but I think it just needs to be broken in. So she is coming with me today when I go to the city for lunch!!! I never thought I would get a blue bag but I feel like it will go with so much! What does everyone think? And please be feelings won't be hurt.
  2. It's GORGEOUS! Congrats and your bf was very sweet!
  3. Thank you! Do you think I will get full use out of it? I should right????
  4. It looks great. I think you'll get great use out of it?

    btw, are you a fellow North NJ gal?
  5. Thank you! And yes I am!!!! I knew there was a few of us on the forum and I keep forgetting who all the North Jersey girls are!
  6. really pretty, it doesn't look stiff, I think it will soften nicely. Great choice, this looks so much better than in the on line photos!
  7. I love the silver hardware on that bag, it looks so pretty! wait till GUNG see's the photo and the color because it really is deciding on either a ocean or Night Blue. You WILL get good use of the bag, I love it!
  8. Indeed a beautiful bag. Love it
  9. Looks beautiful on you!
  10. What a b-day gift!! I love it, congrats!
  11. Wow Cig! :amazed: I think the bag looks really pretty by itself, but it looks gorgeous on you! Great modeling pics girl! Send some to RM Maven so you can represent us TPF'ers on the website...:graucho:

    Oh I wish my boyfriend would surprise me like that.... :girlsigh:

    Congrats! When's your b-day?
  12. Wow! She is absolutely breathtaking! Love the color!
  13. Oh, I think she's absolutely lovely! The color is a lot richer than I thought it would be. I think the brighter colors look awesome on the Nikki. But it's not so bright that you won't get a lot of use out of it. It looks like it will be very wearable with a lot of different outfits.

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing the photos! :flowers:
  14. GORGEOUS! i want a nikki so badly! that color is TDF! also, my MAB was kind of stiff when i got it but now it is soft and smooshy as can just takes a bit of use!
  15. What a beautiful color! Looks fab on you. Congrats! :yes: