My new OCEAN City - pictures! :)

  1. My Ocean City came the other nite and I looooove her :drool: The leather is SO incredibly silky and thick!! :tup: I normally prefer more distressed bags, but I love this little one.. and actually, I haven't really seen many distressed bags from this season :confused1:

    I should bring her to the beach to compare her to the ocean ;) Maybe I'll do that tomorrow...

    btw, I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, there's something crazy going on with my camera :sad:
    o3.jpg o4.jpg o2.jpg o5.jpg o1.jpg
  2. such a pretty color! congrats! really honestly.... blues are growing on me...
  3. Gorgeous! Looks fabulous on you, too. The leather looks really drapey and smooshy. I love how it goes with your other bags and augments your collection.
  4. Congrats, Verty! Such a stunner -- great pics, too!
  5. love the color. congrats!
  6. You look great with that. Yummy color.
  7. Beautiful! I looove that blue color...:drool: Congrats!
  8. Verty, it's lovely. You are amassing quite a bbag collection!
  9. LOVE it!!:love: Congrats, Verty!:yahoo:
  10. gorgeous! CONGRATS on the TDF ocean with amazing leather! And enjoy your lovely growing collection!
  11. Thank-you ladies for the nice compliments :yahoo:

    The leather is definitely very "drapey" :yes: Normally I'm not a big fan of smooth leather, but I really like it with this color!

    And I'm afraid my collection is growing a bit too fast LOL I need to calm down for a few months, defnitely :sad:
  12. Love this on you! You have great taste :smile:
  13. Wow...I just love the leather on your new bag! It reminds me of my Blue India Part time - and believe me, the leather will get softer and more velvety as time goes on. I can't stop fondling mine whenever it is near (unfortunately I'm missing it very much right now as it is away getting 'a few small repairs' ;) )!!
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  15. You look so great in this color! (the outfit is cute, too!). And the leather looks super-slouchy and silky. Wow!