My new obsession!

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  1. I dont have any balenciaga bags yet, but after viewing this forum a few days ago, I became totally hooked! Now I see what the big deal is! I especially liked the City ones a lot, and also the briefs and the twiggies. I saw the balenciaga bags for the first time today-- drove a little over an hour just to see them in person. they looked even better in real life!! now im just trying to decide on what color to get for my first one.....;) black would be the safest because it goes with everything and it is probably the easiest to find, but the other colors like the dark blue ones and the dark greens are really nice too! i will decide eventually. if you guys have any thoughts about my dilemna with the colors, i would love to hear them! anyway sorry if this is too long. thanks for listening!! =)
  2. Welcome to the BBag world! I use my black First a lot so black really is a safe bet. But you should also get a vibrant color... :smile:
  3. you can always get any bag in black .. bal in about the colors!! a blue one would be a great first bag :biggrin::biggrin: .. ocean with SGH is amazing!!!
  4. Black is always classic and it is my "go to" bag!
    But the colours are so beautiful and sometimes you need a pop of colour in your day!!
    I'm no help...:p
    Good luck with your first Bbag choice!!
  5. I recently bought my first one and I went for Aquamarine, I love it!! Like his angel said you can get any brand in black but the rich, beautiful colors, only Balenciaga.

    Good luck deciding! :p
  6. thanks so much guys! You're all right. black is safe to get and it is the 'go-to' bag, plus i can always get it in another brand. with the balenciaga bags (or as you guys call it-- "Bbags" hehe), you have so many beautiful colors to choose from! i can always get a black bbag some other time right....hehehe...oh and i also noticed something from the modeling pictures that were posted, no matter what the color of the bbag is, it still looks good no matter what the color the person is wearing! ok i think im decided now.......i think a color from the blue family (dark tone) would be best.....thanks again guys. i really appreciate your help!
  7. Welcome! Black is always the safest color to get... but Bbags are known for their beautiful colors and the many colors that it comes in. It would also depend on your wardrobe.
  8. I too am falling in love with Balenciaga...
  9. thanks for the warm welcome!

    my wardrobe mainly consists of dark colors-- blacks,browns, dark blues, dark greens, and greys. i only have a few of the lighter colored tops. i dont think im ready to go for a light colored bag for my first bbag, but black won't really stand out as much i think. so im leaning towards a dark blue or grey or even dark green for my first the problem is deciding between the 3 hehehehee....
  10. My wardrobe colors are really similar to yours, and I got an Anthracite Twiggy. It's blue-grey in most lights, and goes with pretty much everything in my closet. I also love Ink and Steel, they are very versatile.
  11. I agree Anthracite or plomb would be an ideal bag to start with. You can black anytime in any season.
  12. Be careful because I note that this is not your only dangerous obsession.
  13. thanks pandabear!! i just came from another thread abt anthracite. i think ive decided on a color!! you're right. it looks like a cross between blue and grey....which will go with most of my wardrobe! thanks a lot!! now the problem is finding a city bag in that color!
  14. Welcome to our obsession! I also agree that black is a very safe color...I think every gal needs a black bbag in their about a nice compromise? I don't know how hard it is to find an anthracity right now, but the plomb color is technically "gray" but it's really very dark, almost black and has blue undertones and is quite easily attainable at the moment! Good luck with your decision and please post pics when you've decided!
  15. thanks also lothlorien14! i can get black anytime, anywhere, and in any other brand! =)