my new obsession...

  1. lately, ive been obsessed over the manhattan PM. it is such a gorgeous bag :smile: i cant wait to get my hands on one. does anyone already own the bag? how do you ladies like it? :smile: :heart:
  2. i started obsessing over this bag last night...

    i wonder what's wrong with me?
  3. isnt is gorgeous! im in love :heart:

  4. i did the same thing when someone show the lovely LV bags
  5. Yes, I have it and I think it's a fab bag! I prefer it to the GM size as it doesn't have the buckle to deal with!
  6. Very chic bag with all the hardware on it.
  7. I had it, traded it to somebody for several accessories & now I'm missing it! It's such a classic bag.
  8. Got it and love it! I was obsessing over this bag for months before I finally caved in. It's such a stylish bag. Perfect in every way.:love:
  9. Get it, Get It!:nuts: It's a lovely, classy looking bag. I love mine. It also looks great with bandeaus tied around it.:yes:
  10. I love that bag! It's such a different design!
  11. the GM is huge! and the buckle strap looks like it can be really annoying. i already started my "PM FUND". :p
  12. I have the GM and it is an incredible bag...not annoying at all. I also like the PM.
  13. I have it and I love it. I love having the two pockets in front for easy access. It does get a little heavy sometimes, but all in all, I love it.
  14. I have it and it's my fav bag! it's so carefree and casual (imo....)!!! :biggrin:
  15. it is my fav bag too!!!

    i just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE 'her'!!!:p :heart: awesome everyday bag and it's casual and chic at the same time! def an head-turner bag!!:yes:

    get her as soon as you can *just in case* the price goes up again!!! (that's my motto and excuse everytime i buy LV!:graucho: :heart: ;) )