My new Obsession(s)

  1. DH bought me these LV's when we were in Paris 2 weeks ago. I love them! They are the perfect size! They are called "Obsession".:love:
    edited3.JPG edited.JPG edited2.JPG
  2. Ahh !! They're gorgeous, and the name really suits it well ! ;)
  3. They are very pretty, and perfectly named! You have a very generous husband!
  4. LOVE THEM!!!:love:
  5. Great sunnies!!!! The look awesome. Enjoy!
  6. I love them. Congrats! How much were they USD?
  7. 0o0o0o i love them!!!
  8. Awesome, the black is great!
  9. Thanks!

    They were 350 Euros. I think that comes out to be about $400 US.
  10. Very nice!
  11. those are HOT!!
  12. wicked cute!
  13. They're very pretty! I have to wear prescription sunglasses. I'm so jealous that I can't buy pretty sunglasses when I see them.
  14. Tammy ~~ I had to wear contact lenses/glasses since the third grade! But, then 2 years ago I had LASIK surgery and it is one of the best things I have ever done! I wish I had it done years before but I was chicken!
  15. very cute!!