My new Obsession!! I can't stop thinking about it...

  1. I was just browsing around Holt Renfrew yesterday, admiring the JC bags I had seen many times before, but for the first time I saw the Marin Zebra Clutch IRL. It's totally different than anything I have ever lusted after before, but I find myself unable to stop thinking of her!! If you've only seen pictures, like I had before yesterday, I encourage you to go out and try and see her IRL..STUNNING.. Does anyone else share my appreciation, or SIGH:girlsigh:, own one??
    index.jpg fr.jpg
  2. No, I love the zebra pony hair bags and have considered the Ramona in this material numerous times (even as recent as Saturday), but I have done enough damage these past few months.

    I think if you are a clutch person, the Marin would be a great bag to have in the Pony Hair:nuts: I think you should go for it:tup:
  3. I usually would jump at it, imagining myself in a simple fitted tee/ paige jeans/ embroidered cream on cream LV scarf (The clutch being the main attraction)...but I'm forced to think about:
    1) It's 2000+ for a clutch
    2) The fact that it's such a bold statement, means I might get sick of it that much faster
    3) I tend to be a little rough with my bags:shame:, and worry about the pony hair factor

    All this said, I still think she's amazing!!
  4. I saw that clutch this past weekend. It is gorgeous. I didn't even look at the price. Here's to wishing it goes on sale this summer!:drinkup:
  5. Hi kimstyle. I am loving the look you just put together. If it is the price that scares you, call a JC rep and ask her to keep an eye on the numbers for you. I am sure Casey will let you know when they are down to meager quantities and you can decide then if it is worth full price. May be you will score this one on sale!

    As for being too rough, I am not sure this baby can handle that.

    Maybe you will get tired of it after time. Store it in your closet until you are ready for animal print again. Just a thought.
  6. Hi Kimstyle. Samantha's suggestion is pretty teriffic! Just keep an eye out for it, maybe it will be part of the summer sale!
  7. Love it - let us know what you decide :smile:
  8. Very pretty! I can understand not wanting to pay full price for it. Samantha's suggestion is excellent.
  9. I personally love the look and size of the Marin too. I think it's one of those bold, timeless clutches. And this is one is surely a stunner. Goodluck in your decision - specially on the pony hair!!
  10. Wow! It is truly fabulous! Every girl needs a little animal print in her collection. This would be perfect. I agree with you though that it is pricey.
  11. Got one for you...

  12. Ohhhh Samantha - where can I get that ring?? :wtf: It's sooo pretty. I love solitaires!
  13. SC- did you put that together yourself or did you find it?? In my head, it was almost exactly the same!! Except, I changed my mind from Paige to Tsubi jeans, I have an almost identical ring, and the shoes would be the to-die-for YSL Tribute T-strap platforms. Thanks you so much for posting this anyway, so sweet!! I'm still hoping for that Summer sale!!;)