My new obsession!! HATS

  1. Picked these up the other day, TOOOOOO cute!!
    pics 216.jpg
  2. They are to cute.
  3. I love them. I'm a hat person too, but then I always forget to wear them, or I take them off after 10 minutes! But I still love them!
  4. hats are so cute!

    but i never know what to do with my hair when i take them off.
  5. Cute!
  6. Cute! I have a black hat in a style very similar to the tan one.
  7. Love that style! I wear it myself.:yes:
  8. cute!
  9. Those are really cute!
    Hats can add such a fun twist to an outfit :yes:
  10. I like hats too and buy them---my recent buy was a floppy straw big brim hat that I picked up from Ann Taylor. It's beautiful and screams chic! I buy them...but I never wear them....LOL. I have lots in my closet..nearly every style but I won't wear them. I always think they will just be too much...but I promise myself that this summer I'm going to wear my chic straw
  11. so cute.
  12. Very cute!!

    I look stupid in all kinds of hats :smile:
  13. I love hats! Sadly they look SO bad on me i never wear any :sad:
  14. Those are really cute!
  15. I used to feel the same way...not anymore!! I LOVE THEM!!!! For me it makes an outfit!!! WEAR your hats woman!!