My new obsession- BF stops me from losing my mind

  1. As some of you may have read, October, more specifically the last week, was very good for my collection, but bad for my wallet.

    The Tattersall tote & Lily (earlier purchases) aside, I was dreaming of the holiday patchwork design yesterday and just couldn't resist buying something, ANYTHING from that collection.

    I bought the scarf & wristlet, but my BF banned me from purchasing the duffle or swingpack.

    She sucks.
    holiday.jpg holiday with Lily.jpg
  2. goood bf!! great purchases!!!
  3. LOL you have a BF like mine! But he usually gets over it when I tell him "If I cant get it, then you cant get any shoes!" lol.

    Great purchases BTW!!
  4. lol I think all bf's/fiances/husbands are the same. Mine's really into computers and a month ago I bought him his wedding present, A brand New $1500 black macbook. So he knows not to say "you can't have that" because he has his own addiction himself!!!!!

    But I LOVE your Lily, now that's a hot bag!!!
  5. I really love the holiday patchwork pattern as well and am thinking of getting the wristlet for the exact same reason!! I like how it bigger than the typical wristlet. Great buys!!
  6. Ooh, I'd love a black macbook... Ya think it would fit inside the Lily?:p

    Love your purchases, and sometimes it helps to have a bf reign you in a bit. After all, December is coming....:nuts:
  7. I love the wristlet! It's so cute!!
  8. My other obsession is computers or electronic gadgets. Smaller is better is my motto, but when I get home I can test the Macbooks of all my friends. The iPhone is as far as I go in the Apple camp.:tup:

    The two computers I brought for my trip both fit comfortably (see the picture) but they a both UMPCs, ULTRA mobile PCs. "BIGGER" one is a samsung Q1 Ultra 7" screen w/ detached keyboard and the small one is a Sony UX280 running Vista. I wrote this post on the Sony.

    However, this is just a REALLY heavy purse!
    DSC03383.jpg DSC03386.jpg DSC03381.jpg
  9. no crap! I have the UX too!!! very handy to fit into ANY size purse :tup: And my Fiance just bought the HTC Advantage.

    p.s and the iPhone is the best!!!!!
  10. I kinda agree with BF. You have a VERY nice collection there. Take a breather. Remember the holidays are coming...:wtf:. Who knows what will they come out with!!
  11. You have a gorgeous collection, I love those pieces! I agree about thank goodness for the BF/SO, my fiance keeps me semi-sane when it comes to coach purchases. He talked me out of getting a swingpack (one I have been looking at for months) that was on sale. I didnt like his reasoning why, he said it wasn't the "prettiest" purse on me, but he laughed about it and said that was the only way to convince me NOT to buy!