My new oatmeal, blonde brownie day!

  1. Had to share my new bag! Wonderful color, wonderful leather! Erika scores again!!! Just LOVE this bag!!!:yahoo:
    brownies.jpg Mastic tpf1.jpg Mastic tpf 2.jpg Mastic tpf 4.jpg
  2. more of the chewy leather! :heart:
    Mastic tpf 5.jpg
  3. Yum yum!! I love it:happydance:
  4. beautiful, of course!

    and those brownies look AWESOME.
  5. :nuts: That is one hot bag! And those blondies look delicious...I'm getting a craving now :smile:
  6. They were!!!:p
  7. YUmmm yummm YUMM!!!! What an awesome bag w/ gorgeous leather... isn't Erika just GREAT! cOngrats!!!!
  8. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::love: OMG~ I am flippin out~ I LOVE that color & leather!!!!:drool::drool::heart: So happy for you ally!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. :p:p YUMMY Yum Yum...the leather looks so chewy and thick!!! CONGRATS ally :yahoo:
  10. YUMMY - what a sexy shot!!!
  11. yum! can't decide which i want more hte bag or the brownies! congrats!
  12. Ally girl what a beautiful bag and the leather is so chewy just like your brownies.:nuts::drool: Congrats girlie.:yahoo::heart:
  13. yummy day and brownie! Thanks for sharing Ally!! :heart::tup:
  14. Absolute yumminess! Wowee...that leather is TDF. Congrats on your new day!
  15. .......hmmmmmmmmm yummy, congrats