My new Oak Phoebe - Photos!

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  1. I just remembered that although I bought this last weekend I haven't posted photos yet.

    I know that probably all of you already know what the Phoebe looks like, and most of you own one (or two - thats why I've only posted 1 photo) but I've been after an Oak Phoebe for so long now and I finally got one from Bicester last weekend (£295) and I couldn't be happier.

    It took me ages to look at every single one in great detail to find one without any marks on and with the nicest grain to the leather.

    I absolutely adore it - so much so that I'm currently thinking about selling some of my other collection as I doubt they will get used now!

    I will post modelling photos when I'm wearing more than my PJs!

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  2. Its lovely ali...this was the bag that I first lusted after when 'getting into' mulberry.. your pic is making me want one all over again!
  3. ditto what hulahoop said!!! I may be looking for one in May!!!
  4. Mmm, looks fantastic - great bag in a lovely colour! Congrats, so glad you finally found your Phoebe!
  5. Bicester had about 12 when I went last weekend. Bear in mind that you can't use the Grazia 10% off on a Phoebe because it is already half price!

    They had two-tone Black and Oak ones too and the Coconut Tassel ones.
  6. Oooo!!! Ali !!! I'm so pleased for you! And you are thinking of selling your other non-Mulberry bags?? Wow,the Mulberry bug has really bitten your ass hard!!! But,they are fabulous bags and the leather quality knocks spots off some other brands!!!
  7. Dammit I love this bag. If I ever buy one though, it will have to go to a friend of mine who gave me a massive amount of support in helping me see a surgeon who has now offered to take me on as his own patient and sort my back out for me. This friend has lusted after a Phoebe ever since it came out, but she's a 20 year old student so can't afford one. I'm going to see if I can get one in the sales (if Mulberry have loads left then hopefully it will come down even more in price) and then have it sent to her anonymously - cos I doubt she'd accept it unless I flat out denied it was from me! :biggrin:
  8. Oh thats lovely goldfinch. Hope your back gets sorted really soon.
  9. Oh no Goldfinch whats wrong with your back.

    Much sympothy to you, I have suffered with my neck ever since a whiplash injury last April, am really lucky as I have a fabulous physio lady.
    Have you tried yoga?
  10. Thanks Ali :biggrin: Will you be posting some modelling pics please? I have those UGGs too, you have such good taste! ;)
  11. It's a problem I've had since I was a baby KC, I was born with a really curved/twisted spine and have had tons of surgery on it since I was little. Yoga can't really help I'm afraid, I've had all the discs taken out and my spine fused into one place with metal rods. My condition is called Scoliosis, which is fairly common when teenagers get it and hardly ever causes ongoing problems, but it's very rare to be born with it and I did have it very severely. It's caused a lot of nerve damage and has become really painful, I've been on morphine and loads of other drugs for ages and I've had to take a lot of time off work which has messed my career up (and my social life!). My friend encouraged me to make a private appointment with one of the top specialists in the country, just to ask his advice because none of the consultants I've seen could help at all, and she came with me for moral support and to take notes for me during the consultation. Well, after examining me he actually offered to take me on as his own patient because he's sure he can help!!! I'm just organising a referral to his NHS list now, and I feel positive for the first time in months. I was so scared that I was facing being disabled for the rest of my life. So, I'm sure you'll all agree my friend very definitely deserves a Phoebe in her life! :biggrin:

    Sorry for the digression Ali......Mulberry bags cheer me up LOADS so please please please post modelling pics! :biggrin:
  12. Nice oak phoebe Ali-bagpuss....
  13. Goldfinich - yes I've heard of that. Poor you what a trauma you've had with it all. This surgeon sounds great though. Your friend def deserves a pressie she sounds a really wonderful!
  14. I will try to remember to post Modelling pics tomorrow.
  15. Ai - congratulations, she's beautiful! :heart:

    I just bought one on ebay myself, used... for 309£ !! It's used, but with care, and I love her!

    But then again, it's cheap, when you can't visit an outlet (unless you buy planetickets, and then it'll be expensive).

    I think I love mine just as much as you love yours. When will I ever use my alana, my rockley, my paddy again?

    Anyways, oak is beautiful when it's summer and the sun is shining. When it's winter, I put my oakbags in the dustbags and let them sleep for some months. The snow and rain isn't good for oak...