My "New" Nylon Wristlet (Pictures*)

  1. She's not exactly new, I just havent posted pictures of her since I got her. Picture taking spree #2, lol! Its so cute, but since it's white I'm always afraid I'll get it dirty (I already have a few times, but no severe damage), in fact I need to post another thread about this wristlet later for cleaning advice. Here she is! I got her when the nylon satchels and wristlets first hit the outlets (COACH outlet in Destin, Florida.) :heart:



    Here she is with my matching satchel -

  2. Very nice...i just ordered two more bags from coach, but now i'm tempted to go to the outlets.
  3. Very cute! The white (especially nylon!) would scare me too.
  4. I know! I've already gotten her dirty twice, and since its got this sort of satin sheen coating, when I cleaned the spots and rubbed kind of hard I could see where the coating came off a bit when I held it up to the light :[
  5. Omg, I love that white/brown nylon combo on the satchel!!! :love:

    The green scarf is so cute!
  6. Thanks Irissy! I just wrote in your thread about your new scarf! That scarf is so adorable! I remember someone made a thread awhile back asking about scarves and that one was suggested, everyone thought it was so cute (because it is, lol)!
  7. I love that satchel! I saw it at the outlet and wanted it so bad but decided not to so I could get the damier speedy
  8. Congratulations on your Damier Speedy! Man, I like damier so much more than mono, it just looks so. . .sophisticated :heart:3 LOL
  9. Hi abandonedimages *waving hand*!! :smile: I love the color combo! VERY summery! :heart: I have a BCBG nylon bag that I also rubbed too hard while cleaning (the sheen faded in that spot). But after several uses, it got less noticable!
  10. Thanks Disco! Yeah, I'll try not to let it get to me. I'll be happy as long as nothing extremely bad happens to it.

    By the way, where have you been? Havent seen you on the boards lately, or maybe I always just miss you since I'm always on at crazy times, lol.
  11. Beautiful! You can clean that with baby wipes.
  12. I love this set! It is so classy. Congrats!
  13. Oooh, congrats! :heart: your matching pair. Very summery, they've got sort of a nautical feel about them. You should take them on a cruise. :P :lol:
  14. Congratulations on your purchase, it's beautiful. I saw a bag in a similar fabric at my local Coach store here in Taiwan, and my first thought was "I shouldn't touch this, i'll probably get it dirty." haha.
  15. Thanks serendipity! Looks like I'll be picking up some baby wipes today ;]

    Thank you iheartcouture! You guys are so nice :heart:

    lol Thanks kezza, I wish I could!

    lol I'm always scared I might, and I'm a little peeved the satchel doesnt have the feet at the bottom, but I still love them :heart: