My new Nimbus GM Perle.

  1. I decided to definately keep my new nimbus GM in perle. I took some not so great modeling shots for size reference. I am 5'9 and a size 4. I may post some better modeling shots later.
    nimbus1.jpg nimbus4.jpg nimbus3.jpg
  2. I love it ... very nice ... congrats!
  3. love it! congrats
  4. beautiful! congrats!
  5. Looks great on you..Congrats!
  6. Love This Bag!
  7. It's a gorgeous bag!
  8. Congrats!
  9. It looks great on you! I have a I'm tempted to get a GM too :nuts:
  10. I love this bag so much!! You are so lucky, it is gorgeous! :smile:
  11. Looks great on you!!
  12. gorgeous, congrats!
  13. Love the modeling pics, really helps "sell" the bag. Congrats on a lovely choice!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  15. It's beautiful and looks great on you!