My new Nikki arrived from LB but....

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  1. it was not smooshy and soft :wtf:. It felt slightly pebbley (sp?) like pebbled leather:confused1:. I called LB and am returning it tomorrow :crybaby:. The first one I received a month ago was FABULOUS....soft like butter and smooshy but it was damaged so I had to send her back. I have had such bad luck with the Nikki but am trying again. The ladies at LB are GREAT. :woohoo:. The saga continues
  2. ^Eh? What color was it?
  3. Was it the same color bag as before? Some colors need a break-in period before they start getting smooshy.
  4. Thats how the leather on my pewter MAB is. It is soft but has a pebbled texture and is not as slouchy as my regular night MAM.
  5. Both were Night. The first was supersoft and smooth. This one is NOT. I'm not a fan of pebbled leather so I hope this one was a fluke and the next is just as lovely as the first.
  6. The first damaged bag I received was smooth and rich as the one pictured on the FLL website. I'll just hope the next one is also, if not I think I may just give up :wondering. Gee, I sound like such a quitter :shame:.