My new Night/Gold Crackle is SO soft!!!

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  1. It's a big pile of yummy black leather with my few items inside. I love it though... I have been petting it. *petpetpet* I never really understood the squishy soft leather thing before, but now I think I do. I wouldn't mind a less soft leather... but I've never had a bag quite this soft!
    My last soft bag even close to this is my Cole Haan, but that isn't soft anymore and needs to be conditioned. I just completely forgot how nice it is to feel soft leather. The downside is that my CH scratches pretty easily and the leather isn't worn like the RM so, I am always worrying about scuffing it. I love the way my new MAB has creases already and has a bit of wrinkling in the leather. It makes me feel like I don't have to baby it!

    Wow, I'm running on no sleep because I've been working on my thesis all night... Really sorry about my rambling posts.

    All you ladies who are waiting for it in the mail are going to LOVE it!:wlae:
  2. You are not alone, there was a whole recent thread dedicated to RM bag petting, groping, and molesting (I didn't make these words up!)

    Are you talking about the CH Villager tote? That bag is super soft, my BFF has it and likes to pet it, but I cant wait for her to visit me so I can have her pet my RMs and convert her!

    It amazes me when I visit tPF at 2AM PST and there are like 15 people looking at the subforum...
  3. Oh my! Sounds like people want a puppy, and not a handbag! Edit: Not that one should molest puppies.. or handbags!

    I'm not talking about the CH Villager tote. It's from several seasons ago... 2005 sometime? In fact, I'm not even sure what my CH tote is called! I posted a picture of it earlier hoping to find out the name and what it's worth so I can possibly put it up on Ebay. I am considering using it as a computer bag though.
  4. O keep reading about the night with gold bottom and I really want it but is it certifiable to order 6 bags in one week, plus 4 others from another brand. Oh my gawd I think somebody better check me in!
  5. BAG REHAB!! Hahaha