My new Night Blue RM MAM, come and see!

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  1. So I have to admit until recently I was never really a fan of the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After/MAM bag, I had read so many ladies here raving about it but it seemed so....I don't know, conservative? But then I saw it IRL in Night Blue and fell in love, instantly. The color is such a striking periwinkle/blue-ish purple and the leather is TDF - feels totally different from other colors. It's buttery soft and smooshy, the kind you want to pet.

    Here it is, pardon the fact that I like a Laker girl in my yellow top...what do y'all think? (about the bag, not me looking like a Laker girl hehe)
    IMG_2289.JPG IMG_2290.JPG
  2. OH, balihai88... she's LOVELY! The color is amazing! Congrats!
  3. Gorgeous bag, love the blue. I like your top, I think yellow is a fantastic color.
  4. it is SO gorgeous!!! (and it looks GREAT with the yellow top!)...i've been blabbing all day about getting the MAM in's coming on monday...i, too wasn't a fan of the bag and then i saw it in green online and HAD to have it...i also got a 25% discount by using the code! enjoy your new bag, it looks great on you and the color is amazing!
  5. OMG! I had just posted in Gung's lavender thread that this blue is my fave color of the new studded RM line...! And ur pics confirm what I thought about this blue...that is has purplish undertones...and u say, periwinkle?!--lovely! It looks fabulous on u and the leather looks TDF! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing pics! This is going on my 2008 RM wishlist! :love:
  6. I love the Night Blue....absolutely gorgeous. Great choice!
  7. Thanks ladies! (And that top is $13 from Target, hehe) Songofthesea I saw your other post about the bag you just ordered, I can't wait to see pics of it!

    I have to give HUGE props to Luna Boston, where I got this bag. Like many of you I had spent lots of time browsing the site but I had the opportunity to go to the store in person last weekend (several times, actually...they were probably like, ugh! It's that girl from LA again!!) It's so cute and Sarah, the owner, is awesome. We spent some time talking about how she got to opening the store, her philosophy about customer service and doing things the right way, etc. I'm so happy to give my business to establishments like this...she's living my dream!
  8. It looks amazing on you! Congrats!
  9. So cute!! Looks great on you : ) Congrats!!
  10. Oh it looks fantastic on you! Congratulations!!
  11. I love the MA bags and it is great on you! Go Lakers! ;)
  12. I couldn't stand it anymore. I Ordered a Mini Studded MA in Evergreen. I have put off getting this bag over and over but after I saw the studs I couldn't resist. Got it from AE using "apologies" for 25% off.
  13. does anyone notice there is a little change in this bag ? Where is the string?
  14. They made some new ones that are studded like this. It's not a permanent change for all the bags.

  15. It's just gorgeous. Goes perfectly with your top. Congratulations.