My new NF... Thinking of switching...

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  1. Hey, guys... As many of you know, I recently purchased a Damier NF MM. I'm currently debating over whether to switch it for the GM size. For those of you who own both sizes, which do you like better? It's an everyday bag for me, so those of you who use the GM size as an everyday bag, how do you like it? Also, are there any consequences for switching a bag? Will I not be able to reserve/waitlist in the future?

    This is what I have...
  2. I've had the GM size for over a year now & just got a MM. hvnt used the MM yet but I really feel that it's better for an everyday bag. I don't like to wear either cinched & the GM can be a bit much. I normally carry it on the wknds but not that much. prob only about 5xs since I bought it. it's also pink grafitti which really isn't a bag to take everywhere LOL!

    keep the MM!
  3. I have both size bags...but...personally, I prefer MM. I am 5ft 7inch...but GM is too big for me...:nuts:
  4. If you're using it for school - GM!
    If you're using it as an everyday bag - then MM!
    I love my gm for around school campus.
  5. Thanks for all your input, ladies! In terms of the GM, what is the size comparable to? A Speedy 40? I found that the capacity of the MM is similar to that of a Speedy 35, which I also own.

    mibrahi - Does it get bulky carrying it around school, since it's bigger?
  6. Anyone? :amuse: Any further help would be awesome!
  7. i had the mm for a week and exchanged it for a gm. i like gm MUCH better. the point of having a nf is convenience and the ability to take advantage of the fact that it can hold anything you need! and when you don't need as much room, a cinched gm looks gorgeous with the nf slouch. this is what i do when i'm using it as an everyday bag. works great.

    on the other hand i think the mm looked very awkward when it was cinched. it was boxy and didn't have the nf slouch. i use nf a lot at school, and while i've never tried the mm at school, looking at how much i stuff into my gm, the mm would not have been big enough.

    as far as consequences for switches, there shouldn't be any unless the bag has already been used (in which case, lv probably would not take it back), or unless you make exchanges/returns often.
  8. i have the mono mm....and think the size is perfect for everyday and it!!!
  9. I agree, I like the slouch that the GM has, versus the one the MM doesn't have. I guess I should go in and see what I like better?

    This would be my first return/exchange.

    Only thing is I have used it for the past 3 days. I've been really careful with it, though, so it looks like it hasn't been used. The tag is still sitting in the pocket.
  10. Not bulky at all.:smile: I love it. It's the perfect size for school and weekends. I like it slouchy when closed :smile:
  11. KEEP the MM!!!! trust me it looks much nicer. I made the same mistake and switched mine for the GM and then one day i was walking by a mirror and noticed that it looked like i was carrying a sack..i had to tell the GM and then rebuy the MM...stick to ur first choice! plus the MM is adorable!
  12. I have the MM and have to agree I love the slouch on the GM. it just looks so chic.

    If you used the bag, don't return it. It's not nice for other people to buy a used bag at the boutique even if it does look brand spanking new. If you're going to do that, then I say just keep the MM. It's still very pretty.
  13. I like the MM better for an everyday bag.
  14. KEEP IT!!! ya used it, ya keep it. plus MM is the bestest
  15. I'm 5' 3 and have the MM. I think the MM is the perfect size.