my new 'new-to-me' goodies! yay! *pics*

  1. So I've gone a little crazy with LV lately:nuts:...however, I've never been one to pay full price, so I'm always on the lookout for a great deal! Here's what I've found over the past 2 weeks or so! Sorry for the poor pic quality...I don't have the best lighting...(A big THANK YOU :heart: to everyone who helped me to authenticate!) :yahoo:

    -SO Damier Cabas Piano
    -Damier Zippy wallet
    -small ring Multicolore agenda

    I’m also waiting on a pre-loved Cerises speedy and Croissant GM from let-trade!
    IMG_48102.jpg IMG_48112.jpg IMG_48122.jpg IMG_48132.jpg IMG_48142.jpg
  2. and another very poor quality modeling pic :wlae:
  3. oh so cute!! great purchases!
  4. Great pieces, congrats!
  5. omg well done!!! :smile:
  6. Congrats, they are beautiful!
  7. Wow, your on an LV roll right now.

    Love all your purchases .... especially the SO Damier Cabas Piano.

    It looks great on ya too.

  8. Congrats on all your finds! I love to shop this way as well!:heart:
  9. congrats!! love the damier pieces! :heart:
  10. wow! congrats!!! some shopping spree you had, huh?! ;)
  11. I love your damier peices, congrats!
  12. Wow...I can't believe someone sold their S.O. Damier....but that's their loss and your gain !!
    Congrats on all the new-to-you stuff !!!
  13. Great pieces, love the MC! Can't wait to see pics of the Cerises...Congrats!

    The Cabas looks fab on you, too!
  14. love the cabas piano! congrats!
  15. wonderful finds, congrat's.