My new (new to me, but from '04) SEAFOAM balenciaga!!!!!


Feb 8, 2006
This is my first post. A couple of weeks ago i scored the deal of the century. I walked into a local upscale consignment store, not expecting to find anything. This store gets designer bags and clothes galore, but they always price everything ridiculously high, they mark bags from anywhere fom 1/2 to 3/4 of retail, even if they are completely beat up. There is usually not a deal to be found.

Well, anyway I walked in the store from the back and was browsing when I heard a lady say "I don't know, you guys say all the movie stars wear them, maybe it's too much for me! But it is a great size" and she walked out of the dressing area carrying the most beautiful seafoam medium balenciaga bag I've ever seen! My jaw dropped and I asked "Is that a real balenciaga bag??" The saleslady said "Yes, it just arrived last night!" I mentioned that I'd been looking for one. Then they tried to distract me to another part of the store to leave the poor lady alone to try it on, but I just stood there transfixed. They lady with the bag was super sweet and handed me the bag. I said I though it was really great, one touch of the buttery leather and I was even more deeply in love. I asked her if she was going to buy it and she actually said "Since you like it so much and have been looking for one, you take it. I didn't even know the name of the bag!"

I was stunned that there was actually someone in this world who would willingly hand over a rare coveted bag like that! I thought, 'my guardian angel must have arranged this!. But there was another hurdle. I went up to the counter and asked how much it was. I expected it to be anywhere from 700 to 900, based on the pricing they usually do. Imagine my shock when I found out it was a mere $265. I later found out the people pricing it were newbies and thought the bag was only 700 retail, and since it had the most minor scuffing on the edges (really minor, the bag is in such better condition than their usual stuff), they priced it at a third of 700. They were more used to seeing louis vuitton, chanel and even hermes bags in that particular store since the ladies who consign there are wealthy but a little older. Anyway, I bought the bag and practiacally ran, thanking everyone profusely along the way

Ever since I got that baby home I've been having a daily love affair with it and now I feel confident enough in our relationship to share it with the world!! <g> I've scoured it for all signs of authenticity and it has passed my tests with flying colors. The hardware is perfect the leather is to die for, it is sturdy yet light as a feather! It's my first balenciaga bag and now I'm dying for a putty one. I'll try to post pics a little later.


Dec 13, 2005
Congrats!!! I don't have to tell you the grrrrrrrrreat deal you got on that bag!!!! Most importantly though is the fact that you found the bag you've been looking for! Enjoy it!!! Looking forward to seeing pics!


Mar 16, 1980
Here's the pictures... sorry it took a little longer.



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