My New, "New Beige"

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  1. YAY congrats on a stunning bag!! love it! and your C family!
  2. congratulations on your new bag and your collection is beautiful! ;)
  3. It is lovely. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats, the beige is gorgeous and you have a great collection!
  5. A beautiful addition to an already stunning family! :love: Congrats and enjoy! :yahoo:
  6. Love your family pic!
    Enjoy all of them~
  7. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  8. Your new beige is beautiful, and you have an amazing Chanel collection too. Congrats and enjoy.
  9. What a beautiful bag...congratz and enjoy!
  10. love the color!
  11. Thank you ladies (aka my enablers) :graucho:. I cannot wait to carry it. I have to be really careful with this one. It's so light.

    Nat,yes that is my white cerf. She doesn't come out nearly as much as she should. Miraculously, it's as white and clean as the first day I bought her but I do guard her like the Secret Service.

    NYCavalier, I PMd you and if you ever come across a caviar gray jumbo during your search please let me know. We can work together. I stay in the Chanel Shopping forum for that very reason.:ghi5:

    , I believe it is the beige clair. This bag has so many names. I will certainly post photos of the beige clair with ghw. I hope she comes soon. I'm waiting anxiously. :tender:

    Have a great weekend. For those on the east coast expecting snow, enjoy and be safe.
  12. The light beige classic flap is one of the most elegant Chanel bags! Congrats on your new addition!
  13. Very nice! Congrats!
  14. Looking at your pics makes me want to use mine! Gorgeous bag! I love your family portrait too! Great choices!
  15. ohhh this is super super pretty!!!! I can't wait to see the jumbo with GHW as well! are both your bags in the same shade of beige?