My New, "New Beige"


Jul 19, 2007
The little one is sleeping softly so I thought I would take a few moments to upload photos of my new caviar beige jumbo with silver hardware. My SA calls it "new beige" and I have seen it referenced as light beige here on tPF. I'm really pleased with the purchase. It's a beautiful bag. I'm now waiting for a beige jumbo with gold hardware. I also took a family portrait while I was at it. I am still searching high and low for my HG caviar gray jumbo. I thought my search was over but alas it was gray in soft caviar. Can't win them all. I'm going to go enjoy a little Mommy time and do some scrapbooking while my angel is napping.

Happy Friday everyone! :yahoo:

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From left to right: black cerf tote, white cerf tote, soft pink shopping tote (aka my beach bag), beige ultimate soft large, red caviar jumbo, beige caviar jumbo. black grand shopping tote - large, black caviar jumbo, sharpei tote, black diamond stitch - large, brown diamond stitch - small, timeless clutch, ballet flats (cut off). Not shown - black WOC (never wore it so gave it away to my BF).


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
Congratulations, I love this shade of beige!

Wait, do I see a white Cerf in your family pic? It's stunning!


Chanel & Bal!
Sep 13, 2009
Midtown Manhattan
:woohoo: Congrats!! She is B-E-A-UTIFUL! And your family portrait if TDF!!!!

may I ask.. where did you find a gray soft caviar? I'm actually a fan of soft caviar and trying to find what's left at boutiques/dept. stores.

Congrats again!!


Jan 15, 2008
It's gorgeous! Congratulations! And you have another one on it's way?!?!?! :woohoo:

Can I ask if the New/Light Beige is the same as Beige Clair? The colour code is the same but I can't tell if the shade is as well.

Please post photos of your Beige Jumbo with G/H when you get it!
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