My new Navy St. Louis GM, Matignon Zip wallet & hubby's Victoire wallet!!!

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  1. St. Louis GM in Navy
    Matignon in Navy
    Victoire in Navy (Men's wallet)

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  2. oh beautiful! Especially whn you place them all together!

    I wish I can convince my husband to carry a Goyard with me too, but he seems quite reluctant to. Maybe I should show his your photo to entice him alittle!
  3. Congratulations! Wonderful Goyard Family!
  4. My husband was reluctant as well, but when he saw the wallet (and how it's so light and not bulky) in person he really liked it! Good luck!
  5. Thank you! :smile:
  6. Love it. :love:
  7. love this color!^_^
  8. So beautiful... Congrats!!!
  9. Gorgeous set! I adore the color!
  10. Love love love the navy! Congrats on such a pretty family!
  11. My favorite Goyard color. Thanks for posting and congrats
  12. love the wallets
  13. Love:love:
  14. Wow that Victoire is flawless!! How much was it?
  15. Love the colors! Congrats!
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