My new navy paddy!!

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  1. I wanted to thank everyone who tried to help me find this bag..........I wanted it with silver hardware................I finally found it at the Chloe store in Vegas..........I love it soooooo much, I Cant stop starring at it!!!

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  2. She's a beauty! Congrats!
  3. I haven't seen that color before - the navy is beautiful!!
  4. navy+ silver= perfect combo :heart:
  5. GORGEOUS!!! I'm soooo jealous!
  6. ^^Is that the new Paddy because Chloe are doing a lot in this blue colour right now.
    Saw a silver tab Bay, Paddy and Saskia is this gorgoeus blue the other day!!
  7. yeah....its brand new for summer 08
  8. I love your new Paddy! The colour is lovely - I think Chloe call is "Ritter" if it is the same as the Saskia I had :yes:
  9. oh thats a beautiful colour very unique!!!
  10. You dont see navy very often!

    It's lovely with the silver hardware - congrats!
  11. What a wonderful color! Congrats!
  12. It's lovely! Congrats! :smile:
  13. stunning bag!!! I might have to add that one to my wishlist :smile:
  14. Love it, congrats!!
  15. :heart::heart::heart: silver hardware. Congrats, it's a beauty. I wish they still made the front pocket style... I would have to scoop it up in this color