my "new" navy mini purses YEAHHHH

  1. ooohh it's sooo cute :drool:
    lots of pics comparing the size with my bigger b bags and lv cles :p

    DSCN2578.jpg DSCN2579.jpg DSCN2582.jpg DSCN2583.jpg DSCN2584.jpg
  2. more comparison
    DSCN2585.jpg DSCN2587.jpg DSCN2589.jpg DSCN2593.jpg
  3. :yahoo: :yahoo: love it.... it's beautiful:nuts:
  4. Tooo Cute!!!!
  5. sorry for the jumbo pics on the turq weekender vs mini purse :p
    i miss to resize that one image :yahoo:
  6. Love your silk clutch seahorse :love:
  7. Totally adorable, and doesn't Magenta just ROCK?! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for all those pics

    Good to see how they all 'size up' with eachother
  9. Seahorse, your collection is amazing! The coin purse is so cute!! Love your turq BTW:love:
  10. I want one so bad! LOVE IT!:love:
  11. That mini purse is so adorable.:yes:
  12. you're so cute sea, thanks for all the wonderful photos, congrats!!! :love:
  13. Lovely.
  14. They all look gorgeous! Especially love your turq :love:
  15. i love the color!! congrats! i need a balenciaga something!