my new *navy* MbMJ Turnlock Posh J.J. bowler

  1. I’ve been wanting a less-expensive navy bag to wear on the weekends to sporting events, bars, etc., that I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking around. So when I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh J.J. bowler for only $458 yesterday at Nordstrom, I snatched it up.

    Ladies, I’ve never been a big MbMJ fan, but I have to say, the line is looking much more sophisticated this fall. They’ve got some great bags at great pricepoints.


    Here’s the J.J. next to my other Marc Jacobs bag, a silver Venetia purchased two or three years ago.

    The interior is lined in striped fabric and is really roomy.
  2. Fyi, the other colors of the J.J.--bordeaux and chocolate--are really pretty too. They are darker, rich, saturated colors. The pics really don’t do them justice.

    Also, I wanted to mention something for anyone considering another bag in this line, the Turnlock Posh Super K. I originally thought I wanted this bag. But the interior is divided into four compartments by separators in the lining that make it kind of less functional, in my opinion. Even though it’s a big bag, I don’t think you could fit a magazine or file folder into it, for instance.

    J.J. bordeaux.JPG J.J. chocolate.jpg Tunlock Posh Super K.JPG
  3. i LOVE it. the navy color is gorgeous. congrats!

    question: do you find it hard to get in and out of with two zippers and that flap in the middle? when i first saw the bag on Zappos, i just assumed it was divided into two compartments like the blake.

    i'm sad to hear about how they designed the interior of the super k. i always carry a magazine to read with me in the subways, and if i can't keep it in my bag, what's the point? it's a great looking bag too.

    i completely agree about mbmj for fall looking better than ever. i'm really enthused about the fall collections for both mbmj and mj.

    btw, your silver venetia is gorgeous too.
  4. congrats!! thats a really cute bag & i like how it opens!

    that sucks about the other bag tho...why would they make a big bag divided up like that....kinda defeats the purpose of a big bag IMO..
  5. Thanks for the compliments tadpolenyc and moodysmom10! :flowers:

    I was a bit surprised by the zipper/flap design on the J.J. too. So far, it doesn't seem to be a big deal to get in and out of. And frankly, at this price, I think even if it bugs me a little, I'll try to force myself to get over it.
  6. Oh wow, I *love* that navy color.:nuts: It's so hard to find a beautiful navy bag. The leather really looks yummy. Congrats Cosmopolitan!!
  7. BTW, I LOVE your silver Venetia too! It still looks brand new - like you just bought it today. It's gorgeous!:love:
  8. ^^^Thanks on both counts, luvpurses24. I'm really pleased with my new purchase. And yes, that Venetia is one of my all-time favorite bags. I used to own many more MJs--Stella, Sofia, Blake, Multi-pocket--that I have sold over the years, but I held onto the Venetia.
  9. oh congrats!! that's such a pretty color and i loveeeeeeeee the style!
  10. Thanks mello_yello_jen! :drinkup:
  11. i want this bag!! but this new zipper style is stopping me. how does the bag look if its only closed halfway? (cuz sometimes i get lazy). it looks like it always has to be closed or its easy access for pickpockets..
  12. Well, I tend to agree that the bag would look better zipped closed than half-open. You should check it out IRL. :yes:
  13. Love that bag! I've been lusting after the bordeaux color but haven't been able to find it IRL to test it out. Do the straps fit over the shoulder like a Blake or is the drop smaller? Thanks! :smile:
  14. Oh, that is gorgeous! I love the navy color and the stripes, it looks perfect for any number of occasions.
  15. Thanks dawn71675 and toki!

    Yes, the straps fit very comfortably over the shoulder. I just measured the drop, and its nearly 10 inches. I've owned a Blake in the past, and I think its drop was probably a little less than that.