My NEW Navy LAX Tote - lots of pics and obsessing!

  1. I first saw this bag in the pics from Nordstrom's trunk show and knew I HAD to have it! I searched high and low, and thanks to Jason at the Bellagio, he tracked down this large tote for me, in the navy color (only four are ordered for the US in this color!)

    The bag arrived yesterday and I also ordered one in black from NM (so I could thoroughly obsess about it!) I'm picking that one up today and will post pics later of the black and blue totes, side by side!

    I already own the Caviar & Pony Tote in my Avatar. I LOVE it and my DH calls it my "signature" bag! I also bought the Black/Gold GST in November and it still is sitting on my closet shelf with the tags on it, as I really don't think that bag is "me"!

    I LOVE this LAX bag but for some reason I'm not "thrilled" with it and I don't know why?! You'd think I'd be more excited considering it's the most expensive bag I've ever purchased.

    I've posted pics here for your opinion. This is the large LAX tote, it also comes in a smaller size which is too small for me, since I'm 5'10". I've pictured it next to the GST because they are very similar in size although the LAX "squishes" more and lays flatter to your body.

    What are your opinions on it?! I know it's not a "classic" bag and while I like the "classics" I am somehow drawn to the more fashiony bags.

    I also took a pic of the inside of the bag to show how big it expands! Sorry that it's blurry!

    Would appreciate your thoughts and opinions....Thanks!
    lax1.jpg lax2.jpg lax3.jpg lax4.jpg lax5.jpg
  2. Here is the inside...
  3. I love the color and shape of the looks a lot hipper than the GST.
  4. This bag looks great. I like both the color and the size and shape. Plus you wear it well!
  5. Here's my honest opinion- I love the bag, it's gorgeous and it looks like the perfect size for you! At the same time, if I had the money to buy that bag, I might choose a different one because it isn't my favorite bag out right now. Alot of that has to do with its shape, I wish it were a little more E/W for my personal taste. However, my opinion has nothing to do with the bag not looking good, it's just my opinion of the bag compared to others I really like maybe that's where your "not thrilled with it" comes from...maybe not. Where you considering any others you now wish you bought?
  6. I REALLY like it! And I like it on you. I love the CHANEL across the top and the square stitching. Does it feel to boxy to you? It looks pretty smooshable. Maybe it's just too much like your caviar & pony tote (which looks FANTASTIC by the way.) I'm dreading seeing this at the trunk show, if one shows up. I'm about the same as you, 5'9" and I also like the less classic bags.

    Let us know what you decide to keep. You're going to look FAB in any of those bags!
  7. My first thought when I looked at your pic was: "OMG, the color!!" :nuts: I think the bag is beautiful. I'm a big bag girl myself and it looks to be about the same size as your GST. Both bags look great on you. That said, if you're not totally thrilled about it, maybe the bag isn't for you. With the prices that we pay for chanel bags these days, I'd better be mesmerized by a bag in order for me to buy it.
  8. Hmmmm...I LOVE the colour, LOVE the handles, like the shape...hmm...wasn't in love with it when I first opened up your thread, but it's really growing on just seems to really work on you! ;)

    Regardless of what I think though, as the most expensive bag you've ever purchased, I feel you should be absolutely thrilled with it - perhaps there are elements of it that you love, but overall, it's not for you? :shrugs: Are you planning on keeping both the navy and the black, or is it an either or decision? I think the navy is such a gorgeous colour!!!
  9. MJ i love it !!! That blue color is very nice. Goes with you very well!! I say give it more time to see how you feel about it.
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    Fabulous bag, congrats:woohoo::woohoo:

    U look great on her:love:
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  12. I love the color and it's a nice bag but for some reason I'm also not thrill about it.
  13. I'm sorry but I like the GST SOOO much better. But if it's not you I would return it and get something you will love.. Godd luck.
  14. i love the bag! i have the tote (the wider one that's bigger than the cerf and gst) in black and i loooove it. i love the texture, the feel and the look. i was drawn to it initially and it took me a couple of weeks to decide, and i got it.. and it's def a keeper. this is a look that we are not are used to seeing a lot... every week see people who get gsts, cers, flaps, etc... but trust me this one is a keeper in my opinion - and the navy is tdf. congrats!!
  15. Sweet! Congrats!