My new Natural Day w/RH - pics

  1. I got my Natural Day w/RH on Thursday from BalNY.:yahoo: I really love this color so i wanted to have one with a RH too.:nuts: The leather is awsome as always. Very soft, thick and smooth. It actually reminds me of the 05 leather. :drool: :party:
    IMG_2301 (2).JPG IMG_2302 (2).JPG IMG_2303 (2).JPG IMG_2306 (2).JPG IMG_2304 (2).JPG
  2. Cool - she actually reminds me of Greige there! CONGRATS :party:
  3. Great Bag, Congrats!!!!!!
  4. very pretty purse! love the color in that style! CONGRATS!
  5. Gorgeous! I can see why Natural has been soo popular! And that leather is just amazing from the picture! I'm glad the '05 texture is making a comeback!
  6. Gorgeous Natural Day, Nanaz! Congratulations...:yes:
  7. Such a pretty color! Makes me want to lean towards getting something in naturel. Thanks for the pics! And congrats!
  8. congrats!!! the leather looks amazing!!!
  9. That bag is TDF - love it! You are lucky - enjoy!!
  10. OMG! It's such a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  11. OMG! your new day is beautiful! enjoy!
  12. :drool: :drool: I LOVE Natural. I knew it was going to be a hot seller. I'm glad you found one. My friends called all over for City and any natural with GH and everyone was out. Enjoy, it's very beautiful and the leather is yummy.
  13. Nanaz that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: Your camera captures the color perfectly. The leather is TDF too. Enjoy!!!
  14. It looks so lovely! Congrats!
  15. it's so pretty. congrats!