My new Musette quilted denim

  1. My latest catch from LV :heart:

    Musette quilt denim.JPG Musette quilt denim1.JPG
  2. :love: LOVE IT!!!:love:
  3. I :heart: it! It is rad!:biggrin:
  4. Oooooh fall bag, very cool !
  5. Yeah, and i'm in the wait list for this Mini Linda, but they say there's no slightest chance to get it:sad: :cry:
    Mini Linda.JPG
  6. Cindylicious, LV_addict thanx!:smile:
  7. Gorgeous!:yes:
  8. Wow! :amazed:
  9. That's a really cool bag!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  10. WOW! that looks amazing in your pics... now I'm thinking about it and I'm not a denim fan ;)
  11. It's Beautiful! I want one in the pink/fuschia but their a bit too expensive here for me. Even hubby was amazed at how good these bags look in person, until he heard the price.:biggrin:
  12. gorgeous! :love:
    i was just looking at pics of this bag on like 2 mins ago!
  13. nice!
  14. It was really difficult choice for me, I wanted them in all three colors, but the black one with the longest strap won my heart. :yes:
  15. That's gorgeous! I'm not really a fan of the denim stuff, but the quilting, the shape and the color makes that bag HOT! :love:
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