My New Muse II

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  1. Here she is!
    She finally arrived yesterday and is beautiful. I think it is the large size as the tag says it was $1995 regular price.
    muse2.jpg muse2-a.jpg
  2. Congrats Carmen82! Its kind of hard for me to tell from the lighting, is that the praline dark brown color, or is it that lighter rose beige color?
  3. Thanks cosmopolitan! This is the darker brown color for sure :smile:
  4. ^Totally understand. These nubuck bags are very hard to photograph. I love that Praline color on the Muse Two IRL. Its like a smooshy chocolate pillow. Congrats again.
  5. love the muse 2, and the color's great i reckon, lets u match with a number of things :smile:
  6. Great color! Enjoy!
  7. Super congrats Carmen!! She's stunning :drool: wear her in the best of health!!!
  8. Thanks all! Now I just need to leave the house so I have somewhere to take her! Hopefully on my next job interview :smile:
  9. Beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Congrats Carmen, a great choice. I saw your bag today, IRL. No words. A real lady was carrying the bag. Classy! Chic and very expensive. Be happy with your bag
  11. Lovely! i am awaiting delivery of mine in medium this week...
  12. Beautiful bag!
    You'll love taking her out for a spin Carmen!
  13. Gorgeous, congratulations! It is praline, right?
  14. Beautiful!!! Congrats carmen! I love the larger size!!!
  15. The tag says Brown-Coffee so I'm not sure if it's the Praline color since I'm not very familiar with YSL